Sustainability Consultant

Our Environment Team is building upon our established knowledge, and constantly expanding services to include additional areas of expertise, in response to the growing focus on Sustainability.

We have always promoted the importance of considering environmental issues from the very outset, and this role is becoming increasingly valuable.

The road to zero carbon buildings demands higher levels of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.  Furthermore, Planning Authorities are increasingly insisting on a percentage of renewable energy – and this is where early advice from Pozzoni can deliver tangible benefit.

Energy strategies should be considered carefully from project inception through to completion in order to reduce anticipated energy demand.  Then appropriate site specific low and zero carbon technologies can be individually appraised for their suitability in meeting the remaining energy demand.

We are forming alliances with other Services Consultants to formulate a strategic approach to minimising energy input into buildings and maximising the use of the fabric both in New Build and Refurbishment scenarios.

We are working with major national Clients to assist them in developing their Sustainability Strategies.  This is not just looking at their own operational aspects, but the ‘holistic’ approach to supply chain management and the interrelationship of sourcing materials and products across the whole spectrum of their activity.

We are looking carefully at materials specification and adopting a more analytical approach to sourcing materials sustainably.  We are looking at the ‘cradle to cradle’ concept of component manufacture, its recycled content and the ability to re-use its elements time and time again.

Additionally we are looking at projects from the very first ecological interest in the site, through to completion, advising on maintenance strategy and costs in use through to demolition / dismantling or disposal of the building.


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