Employers Agent

Never before has the Industry had to deal with so many new facets to construction with the drive to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce waste and embodied carbon within wider requirements to make buildings more energy efficient.

A key feature of our service is our commitment to, and experience in enabling Clients to meet the environmental targets set by Government and other regulatory requirements.

Our service is further tailored to working alongside our Sister Company, Pozzoni LLP offering seamless communication to ensure that the Client’s brief is fully met and communicated in drawn and word form to Contractors and Developers.

We continually seek best value for our Clients and seek an inventive delivery process to ensure that the whole process has been thought through and that there is attention to every detail.

Our experience in the Social Housing Sector is significant and we seek certainty and clarity on our projects so that Clients have the assurance that the final project outcome will meet all expectations.

We believe that as email has taken over as the preferred means of communicating, the requirement for clear verbal communication is ironically more essential nowadays. Despite our appreciation of modern technology, we still attach great value to conversation.


Contact us on steve.walsh@pozzoni-pms.co.uk or call 0161 929 6037